Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Models Wanted

1 min read

Allow me to use your photos for Reels, Backgrounds or Themes and I will give you a free license for Picture Slots and up to 5 licenses for your friends.

Picture Slots players can change the background image used while playing the game which is a great opportunity for Photographers, Models, or other commercial organisations to get free exposure.

If you are a photographic model, established or just starting out and want some free exposure around the world consider letting us create a background image for game play with you on it. You can also send pictures in for us to create Reels out of. Full credit is given to you with appropriate links to your web site.

A tip for creating a background!

When creating a background remember that the main game is played on the left side of the window which means that the image of you should be on the right side to be clearly visible.

You can create the background yourself or you can send us your images and we can create it for you. If you want to create one yourself you can download a blank background template from here.

By sending in an image or images for us to use you are agreeing that the photographs are of you or owned by you and that we can publish the images as a background for Picture Slots.