Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Photographers Wanted

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Allow me to use your photos for Reels, Backgrounds or Themes and I will give you a free license for Picture Slots and a license for up to 5 of your friends.

Picture Slots will be successful because players have the ability to create their own Reels using their own pictures, but to create variety we are always looking for great pictures to use in Reel Sets. Did you know you can download Picture Slots and use the Set Builder without purchasing a License for Picture Slots.

You can create Reels from your professional pictures and showcase them via this web site. Each Reel Set has information about the Reel owner (that’s you) such as Name, Web site, and some comments about yourself or the images.
Picture Slots is a great way to get your pictures seen by more people, and possibly get them to your web site where they might buy something from you or hire your services.

Either way, it is yet another way of getting known and it costs you nothing.

Copyright 2009 Craig EdgarIf you don’t want to create your own Reels but would still like your work distributed as part of the game then send us your pictures and we will build the Reels for you and give you full credit for them. We don’t want to rip off your pictures, you still own copyright and we will not use them for any other purpose.

For a picture to be used its dimensions must resize down to 113 pixels wide by 125 pixels high for a single cell image and 565 x 375 (wide x high) for the “Big Picture”. The “Big Picture” is close to a standard 6 x 4 inch photograph. If you don’t want to size them yourself, just send us the images and we will do it for you.

Artistic Nudes

Copyright 2009 Craig EdgarWe are interested in any artistic nudes you may have done which are suitable as a background or in a Reel Set. If you have any photographs which might be suitable please send them to us. You will be given full credit and a link to your web site. The images will be used for no other purpose, except for creating Picture Slots backgrounds and Reels. Please send the images to ‘; document.write document.write document.write. Before sending to this address please remove the word ‘nospam_’ from it.

If you send me, and allow me to use in a Reel or Background, 8 images (enough to make a Reel) I will give you a free license number for Picture Slots and Pic-A-Shot. Pic-A-Shot has been designed for Professional Photographers who want to allow customers to order images from home via E-mail or Print Orders. Give me some photos and we will give you a license for both these software packages. Download and Try Pic-A-Shot Now!
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